Interest & Fees


Our charges are transparent. We show the full-costs upfront

At PayToday we are, open honest and fair.

Our loans contain no hidden fees. We let you know all the charges before you apply.

If any of your payments dishonor we will attempt to contact you as soon as this shows up. If there is a genuine reason and payment is made within 24 hours, no dishonor fee will be charged. However, the extra day’s interest will be added.

Our Annual Interest Rate (AIR) is clearly displayed on our homepage at 547.5%. This figure is how much it would cost if you repaid your loan over a whole year. However, our short-term loans are only for a maximum of one month, so the interest you actually pay is a far smaller amount.

Our transparent fee structure is detailed in the loan agreement forms

The only way extra charges would be added is if you fail to keep to your arrangement. For example, not ensuring enough funds is available on your agreed repayment date/s.

If we still haven’t received the money by the morning of the next business day, you will be charged a $50 missed payment fee, plus the additional daily interest.We will then continue trying to contact you to discuss the situation. If your circumstances have changed significantly, we will do our best to come to a new payment arrangement that helps you get back on your feet.

Short term (1-12 weeks)
Annual Interest Rate (AIR) 547.5%
Establishment fees $25
Daily interest charged on the unpaid balance 1.5%
Dishonour Fee $15
Long term (13-52 weeks)
Annualized Interest Rate (AIR) 110%
Establishment fees $150
Daily interest charged on the unpaid balance 0.301%
Dishonour Fee $15

Pay Today has the interests of all its customers at heart. The loans that we offer may not be the cheapest in the market and you may want to look at other means of obtaining a loan. Speak to your bank for a loan or overdraft, seek independent advice from a budget adviser. Please be aware that the loans we offer are not designed for long term needs or as regular top ups to your weekly cash flow.

As a responsible lender we always want to ensure that all our customers understand the fees and interest that is a part of their loan. If there is something that is unclear just a call or visit our Frequently asked questions page.

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